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should I stay alive, or should I choose to commit suicide?

If you are grappling with one of life’s most challenging questions: should I stay alive, or should I choose to die? Then you are in the right place. The good news is that if you are at this site, you … Continue reading

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Girls under 14 at risk in India

A new study reveals that adolescent girls in India up to age 14, can feel overwhelmed enough by family expectations to actually take their own lives. For older girls, the risk is less acute. Apparently, they have successfully worked their … Continue reading

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100s of Cases of Serious Postpartum Depression

On Monday, August 22nd, a new clinic designed especially to address the needs of women suffering post partum depression will open in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

A clinician who will be providing services in the clinic says she sees hundreds of women a year suffering from post partum depression, which can range from mild to very severe, threatening women’s lives as they struggle to cope with suicidal thoughts.

Many of the women she has seen over time, in counseling for post partum depression, have told their counselor they feel they should give their babies up for adoption, since they feel so poorly equipped to care for the needs of a newborn child. Mostly, the clinician concludes, it’s the depression talking.

The clinic at Chapel Hill is a step in the right direction, helping women to successfully adapt to the rigors of parenthood while still caring for their infants. The clinic is the first of its kind, since it doesn’t place mothers suffering from dangerous depression with addicts, dementia patients, or the mentally ill.

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Half of college veterans at risk

According to a new study, 46% of veterans coming back from overseas combat in Iraq and Afghanistan have considered suicide, as they return home and go back to school.

As 2 million vets leave combat status and attempt reintegration by attending classes on American college campuses, they face particular challenges. They’ve had a radically different life experience than 18 year-old kids just graduating high school and heading off to institutions of higher learning.

The results of the study were surprising even to the researchers, who thought they must have miscollected the data to get such exceptionally high numbers.

46% of combat veterans thought about suicide, 20% had planned their own suicide, and 7.7% actually attempted it.

Resources are available through campus counseling centers, as well as Student Veteran’s Associations. The thoughts that the veterans are experiencing, the feelings that lead to disconnect and disorientation about reintegrating to stateside life, are all treatable.

Veterans and their families who are grappling with concerns about suicide, whether on or off college campuses, can get support. There are many help centers available, and the risks and challenges that veterans face are well understood.

No one needs to struggle with suicidal thoughts alone. If you are struggling with thoughts about killing yourself, please turn to one of the many help resources. Outreach professionals are out there who can assist you. As a first step, check online at Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 800-273-8255.


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More women aged 40 and greater are taking their own lives

Analysts have tracked a disturbing new trend: an increase in the number of suicides of women during their middle years. There’s a verifiable link between illness, drug use and suicide attempts in women aged 40 to 69.

In fact, visits to the emergency room by women in this category who have overdosed on medication show a recent 49% increase, according to the results of a new study.

What factors might be behind this surprising climb in suicides and suicide attempts for women at this point in their middle years? An upswing in medications taken for pain relief, or to treat sleep disorders or anxiety. Health concerns appear to be an important contributor for those women who consider ending their own lives.

Women may also feel that by middle age, if their dreams for happiness haven’t come true that they never will. And having children grow up and leave home can also be a factor in loneliness and an increasing sense of isolation for these women, who may lack meaningful social contacts aside from work or internet communities.

For more information, read an informative article on this subject:

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4 At-Risk Groups for Suicide

Due to an increase in suicides from 2009 to 2010, top professionals met to discuss ways to help the four groups most at risk for committing suicide.

Who falls into one of these four most at-risk groups?

Senior citizens, especially those whose health is failing. Middle-aged men from age forty and older; youth; and members of the GLBTG (gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender) community.

Each of these four groups faces particular challenges and obstacles to self-esteem and success in life.

Seniors who have lived a long life, lost their spouse or other loved ones to age or disease, and watched friends and family members suffer through long or chronic illnesses, are at high risk for suicide once they too experience failing health or receive a critical diagnosis from their doctor.

Middle aged men are at higher risk for suicide than other categories of the population, since they may begin to feel they are past their prime, are not fulfilling their earning potential, or have failed at some primary life responsibility, such as successfully caring for a family. Divorce or loss of a prestigious professional career may up the risk for this group.

Youth have always been at higher risk for suicide than other categories of the population, since they sometimes suffer from high anxiety and the fear of not successfully fitting in. They also have less experience with handling frightening emotional states such as depression, and have fewer coping skills for uncomfortable feelings, such as rage.

Troubling questions about sexual difference, or being ridiculed for behaving in less socially acceptable sexual ways, makes the GLBTG community more vulnerable to the risk of suicide, as well.

What helps these groups? Human connections and the feeling of safety and inclusion they provide. Find a local activity or support group, especially a community of like-minded people. If you are at risk, get out there and talk with people who will understand what you are feeling.

Know someone who may be at risk for suicide? Take any hints seriously, and refer them to a suicide counselor at a national hotline, or talk to a local mental health professional.

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Is your teen at risk for suicide?

Risk of suicidal thoughts: Is your teen harboring thoughts of killing herself? Follow this link to find a list of signs that your teenaged daughter or son may be suffering from a life-threatening depression: Teen suicide rates appear to … Continue reading

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Illness linked to suicidal thoughts

People who have both illness and persistent pain connected to a long-term debilitating arthritis, are about twice as likely as a control group to have suicidal thoughts and eventually are more likely to commit suicide. The rate of committing suicide … Continue reading

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Army and Suicide

Did you know that in most armies in the world, committing suicide is the number one reason for death among soldiers? Yes, more than fighting, more than accidents, more than anything! Why is that? Here are some of the reasons: … Continue reading

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New campaign will use “manspeak” to help men deal with suicidal thoughts

If you think it’s hard for a guy to ask for directions, then consider how much harder it is to ask for help with suicidal thoughts. The group most likely to take their own lives is the same demographic least … Continue reading

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An Uplifting Song

I love this song. It makes you feel that you are not alone.

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